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Hair Transplant Scar

How do you repair hair transplant scars?

Approximately 70% of our clients concern us for assistance after getting a messed up hair transplantation in other places as well as experiencing obvious scarring or various other disappointing end results. Hair might have been implanted in the wrong instructions, angle, or set by an unscrupulous or ill-trained clinic.

Some concern sees us since they have strip scars from FUT strip surgical procedure or perhaps FUE (follicular system extraction) scarring where there was inadequate hair thickness for success, leaving the client with visible scarring both in the recipient and also contributor location.

Thankfully, developments in hair transplantation surgical procedures have permitted us to correct awful hair reconstruction results, marking from FUT hair transplants, and also various other complications of previous surgeries. Our objective at Paras Hair transplantation is to provide the very best feasible result from the beginning, to stay clear of unneeded future corrections down the track.

Dr. Paras has created an innovative method of FUE to repair the feared “strip scar,” one of the most common problems of FUT strip surgery.

Hair Transplant

Noticeable scarring is a possible issue of hair transplantation

One of the most considerable problems that should be gone over at a preliminary assessment for FUT hair transplantation surgical treatment is the opportunity of developing a strip mark. Throughout FUT strip surgical treatment a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head and after that sutured up. People have to be fully informed and comprehend the long-lasting results of proceeding with the FUT strip procedure as part of the all-important consent process: most likely they will have an irreversible mark on the back of their scalp as a result of this treatment.

In the past, prior to we had FUE, FUT was the only treatment available. People were told that the only means to remove hair for hair transplantation, was to take a strip of scalp tissue containing hair follicles/grafts and then separating the hair under a microscope, by separately cutting each follicle/graft as well as preparing them for implantation.

FUE was established over a number of years during the mid-1990s to mid-2000s. Early, medical professionals did not favor this procedure. It was a lengthy careful treatment, as well as numerous had the wrong idea that FUE follicles/grafts were inferior to FUT follicles/grafts. Regardless of this, FUE expanded to be the most preferred method worldwide. FUE is currently taken into consideration much less intrusive and much less traumatic than strip surgery. The resulting growth from either treatment is about the exact same, so FUE’s primary benefit over FUT strip surgical procedure was (and also is) no telltale straight strip scar.

Keep in mind: FUE can certainly still trigger scarring. This appears as pin-point scarring or a moth-eaten appearance at the back of the scalp in the benefactor location. Messed-up FUE treatments like this are not unusual if executed by poorly trained medical professionals or professionals who wish to benefit from the benefits of this much less intrusive procedure without ample training.

Hair Transplant

What triggers the direct FUT hair transplantation mark?

FUT transplants leave obvious direct scars in the benefactor location. These scars may broaden gradually, developing big areas of disfigurement. Longer hair can conceal scarring yet, sometimes, the marks appear despite having the hair at a respectable length. Strip marks can alter the direction of hair development and are also listed below the scar so the hair on the back of the head doesn’t rest right. The alternative to cut one’s hair brief is likewise not possible as the scar is after that exposed.

A prominent FUT straight mark might occur for numerous factors:

A tight scalp A laceration also short on the scalp Poor medical strategy

In many circumstances, scars are as well broad from the beginning. Others expand with time, creating soft tissue abnormality. Numerous physicians doing these procedures do not have any type of official training with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons and are not cosmetic surgeons educated to execute the intrusive surgical treatment. As a result, marks will certainly differ from treatment to procedure and physician to physician.

The unfavorable impact of FUT hair transplantation scarring

Regardless of understanding that strip surgical treatment can cause prominent marks, several medical professionals around the world are still performing FUT strip surgical procedures. We are seeing more and more situations of linear scarring come through our facility doors for assistance. Numerous individuals are left traumatized with the preconception of a strip mark as well as the physical and psychological effects that feature it.

Dr. Paras observed this and also prioritized creating the essential skills called for to repair strip marks early in his hair transplant profession. He has continued building on these techniques for better visual results as well as has been a strong doubter supporting versus FUT hair transplantation surgery from the start.

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