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Hair Transplant for Women

How much does female hair transplant cost?

Yes, a woman can undergo a hair transplant procedure. Hair transplantation price relies on many different aspects. The cost of a hair transplant tends to start at around ₤ 3,000 as well as can cost approximately ₤ 15,000, but this depends on your private hair characteristics. Costs are normally a one-off, with hair transplant results lasting a lifetime.

Hair transplantation expense hinges on numerous factors, including the overall complexity of the transplants, as well as other ‘specific hair features’, including the quantity of hair to transplant to attain the individual’s desired outcomes.

Hair Transplant

When intending a procedure, the patient will require to be examined for the threat of more hair loss, in addition to exactly how best to utilize the offered donor hair. These personal aspects are various for everyone and will influence the hair transplant cost you can anticipate receiving. The quickest way to learn just how much a treatment will set you back is to have a no-obligation, one-to-one assessment with among the specialists at Harley Street Hair Clinic.

There are a number of attributes of the hair that might or may not make you a good candidate for a hair transplant. Variables like hair color, texture, and also waviness or curliness will impact the cosmetic outcome.

The rate of hair transplantation will certainly differ substantially relying on just how much hair you require to have actually transplanted. For moderate loss of hair, you can anticipate paying between ₤ 3,000 and ₤ 8,000. However, if you have much more extensive hair loss, an FUE hair transplant can cost between ₤ 5,000 and ₤ 15,000.

Still, fretted about just how much a hair transplant costs? Every head of hair is various as well as every situation is special, however, you do not need to be on a football star’s salary to afford a complete head of hair. The cost can differ relying on the features of each person and also the intricacy of the instance.

One factor that helps determine the expense of hair transplantation is the variety of grafts that are needed, a hair transplant that requires 1,500 hair grafts would set you back in between ₤ 5,000 as well as ₤ 8,000.

You can obtain a harsh estimation on just how much your hair transplantation will certainly cost utilizing our graft calculator. This device enables you to enter your age, level of loss as well as the areas that you want to be restored. The calculator can then exercise about the number of grafts are required, and therefore, how much your hair transplantation may cost. It is essential to keep in mind this is only a price quote as well as undergoes alter but could offer you a great suggestion of a ballpark figure for hair transplant costs.

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