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Find Out About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant (also called a hair graft) is a procedure performed to restore hair in areas of the scalp that have experienced thinning to baldness. Find out about hair transplant cost on our website. This hair surgery is available in various types, namely:

scalp tissue expansion surgery (flap surgery), scalp reduction surgery, and hair implants.

The three hair surgery procedures can be combined with each other or performed separately. Each person undergoing a hair transplant may undergo a different procedure depending on the condition of their scalp. Even so, there are various considerations before doing hair surgery.

A healthy amount of hair on the scalp to be grafted onto the area where the hair is needed. The ability to grow hair on the thinning part of the scalp.

By consulting with your doctor, you will find out if your current condition meets these requirements. In addition, you can also undergo blood tests and a scalp biopsy to check for the cause of hair loss. If the test results show you are the right person to undergo a hair transplant, the dermatologist will tell you what results will occur from this surgery.

Hair transplants generally last 4-8 hours. The more hair is implanted, the longer the operation will take. You will be given a local anesthetic that numbs the scalp during the hair transplant procedure. Some patients will also be given a low dose of sedative to relax them.

Initially, the dermatologist will remove healthy hair by cutting a piece of skin from your scalp. Doctors can also perform a hair transplant procedure by taking the hair strands one by one so that the results look natural. If you like haircuts that are shaved short, the second option may be the right choice. However, pulling out each strand of hair one at a time runs the risk of scarring and takes more time. Next, the surgical assistant will prepare the scalp and hair that has been taken before the hair graft is performed. After that, the doctor and his assistant will attach the healthy hair to the area that needs hair. When all the hair has been implanted, your scalp will be wrapped in a bandage and given instructions for doing hair care at home.

Most patients report that they will see results 6 – 9 months after the hair transplant is done. Others take 12 months. The length of time includes when the implanted hair loses 1-2 months after surgery. This condition turned out to be quite normal. Because the hair that falls out will be overgrown with normal hair. Also, your hair may look thin after surgery.

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