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Celebrity Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Which celebrity has had a hair transplant?

International celebs such as Elon Musk, Wayne Rooney, and John Travolta (all remain in the public eye) are acknowledged for having a hair transplantation not just for their legendary participation on the planet of football, flicks, Tesla Motors and SpaceX. Celebrity hair transplant is normal because they need to look good in public.

So to are UK stars like Brian McFadden (vocalist with Westlife), Ashley Ward (Football player and spouse to Dawn Ward of television show Actual Homemakers of Cheshire), Christopher Maloney as well as George Sampson (Champions of Britain’s Got Talent). As are Jason Alexandar, Matthew McConaughey, Declan Donnelly, Hugh Laurie, Rob Brydon, Nicolas Cage, and Christian Slater. You will see even more celebrities listed here. They’ve all had a hair transplant at some time in their lives.

Elton John (Vocalist, Songwriter and also Entertainer)

Elton currently wears toupees designed by film creatives, however, it wasn’t always by doing this. By the age of 30, he was totally hairless and also after one fell short hair transplantation he chose to use a toupe.

John Travolta (Actor)

John Travolta is known for his functions in Saturday Night Fever, Pulp Fiction, and also Grease as well as was born in New Jacket, UNITED STATES. He started shedding his hair in the 1990s as well as he’s tried opting for the brief hair we connect with Bruce Willis and after that back to having a full head of hair courtesy of a hair transplant.

Jude Law (Actor)

Celebrity of many leading films his hairline started to recede after the year 2000. He chose to have a hair transplant to achieve a far better hairline. From Lewisham, London, UK.

Bono of U2 (Singer, Songwriter and also Performer)

Bono is the lead singer with U2. Birthed in Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. His loss of hair began around twenty years ago as well as he currently has a complete head of hair.

Mel Gibson (Star and Filmmaker)

Mel relocated to Australia with his mom and dad when he was young. He was born in Peekskill, New York City, U.S.A. First gaining recognition for his very first main role in Gallipoli, he has actually starred in flicks such as Braveheart, Lethal Tool, and Mad Max. In the 80’s he had a full head of long hair but in the 1990’s he started to lose his hair. Ten or so years later he had hair transplantation which helped to recover his hairline as well as thinning hair.

Sean Penn (Actor as well as Director)

Known early in his acting occupation for his close associations with Madonna. Birthed in The Golden State, USA. Flicks consist of Into bush. He decided to have hair transplantation and he reclaimed his hairline. to preserve his appearance.

David Beckham (Ex-Professional Footballer)

When he relinquished football he obtained a hair transplant. Born in Leytonstone UK he began to lose his hair when he moved from Actual Madrid to Los Angeles Galaxy. Additionally an ambassador for lots of charities all over the world, he can currently be seen showing off a complete head of hair.

Wayne Rooney (Expert Footballer as well as Coach)

An English footballer, born in Liverpool UK. Wayne played his football for Everton after that Manchester United & England. He then played his football in America. He currently plays as well as trainers at Derby. He had his hair transplantation in 2011 (aged 25) and also he quickly revealed it openly.

AJ McLean (Vocalist Backstreet Boys)

A participant of The Backstreet Boys and born in Florida, U.S.A. When the band stopped performing he experienced a great deal of loss of hair. He now has a complete head of hair after having hair transplantation.

Gordon Ramsay (Chef and also TV Character).

The renowned cook from Johnstone in the UK is commonly understood for television shows Kitchen area Headaches, Hotel Nightmares, Hell’s Cooking area, and also Master Chef. He was when seen leaving Alvi Armani in Beverly Hills U.S.A. using a black medical cap. He was given FUE treatment. He now has a new hairline and also enhanced roots and an improved head of hair as a result.

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